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Why the organization was formed.

Christina Richardson and Sarah Kepler founded Independent Community Living in 2012 in order to help enrich the lives of individuals with a disability by fulfilling their dreams of living successfully in the community and in their own homes.

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Employee of the Month

February’s Employee of the Month is Anthony King. Thanks for all you do for the people you support. Anthony is always looking for amazing activities to do with the people he supports.

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Training Information

Continuous training is our key to providing excellent care. Each support staff receives training in general areas such as, CPR, First Aid, Recipient Rights, and Gentle Teaching.

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What participants are saying...
~Brandon Crapo~

The way this business is being developed is like how they built homes 50 years ago, and not how they do it today. They used to do it one square inch at a time, nowadays, its wham, bam, there's the house. Independent Community Living is doing it the way they used to, and that's how it should be done.